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The Smile Case

Interview with Amanda Schilz

When did you get into music?
Ben of The Smile Case:  When I was young, five or six years old, I watched
my father play Tom Petty’s Yer So Bad over and over to learn it on guitar
and I just fell in love with the sounds of rock n’ roll. He got me a
boombox and the album ‘Haircut’ by George Thorogood  & the Destroyers on
CD one year for my birthday and I knew I never wanted to get a real job.

Tell me about the new album?
Ben of The Smile Case:  ‘Murder Weather’ was written and recorded over the
past 3-4 years. I guess it’s kind of a sequel to our last album ‘Angel
Beach’ It is just about the stormy weather ahead and how to deal. It was
super fun to make. Just to record it with our friends in the band The
Lexington Cure and it was done at a pace that made sense to us. I’m very
proud of the results.

Where did the inspiration come from for the album?
Ben of The Smile Case:  The inspiration came from many different places.
The fear of the unknown. The fear of being surrounded by sadness. The fear
of being surrounded by an evil. The fear of being surrounded by fear. The
ten songs on the record are a part of a greater concept. Our friend Jeremy
Bruneel painted the artwork for the album cover. It speaks volumes about
the vibe of the record.

Please tell me about the bathroom performance at the Geekery?
Ben of The Smile Case:  Oh gosh. That was a bad night. I just finished a
tour going around the rust belt and just got back into Canada from the US.
It was my first show home and I had such a great time in the states and it
just bummed me out to come home and have like only one of my friends come
out. I played The Smile Case songs as a solo artist doing an acoustic set
and while I played the headlining band bang on their drums and just talked
through my whole set. It was disappointing so I ended up making people pay
attention and went and played underneath a table and in the washroom. I
was trying to prove a point but I still don’t know what that point was.
**I ATTACHED A PHOTO FROM THIS SHOW**  (please photo credit  Phoenix Camerah

What are the up and coming shows and things you are doing?
Ben of The Smile Case:  Our CD Release show for ‘Murder Weather’ is
February 22nd in Tillsonburg at Sammy Krenshaw’s. We play the next night
in Toronto with a sweet band from Boston called Bay Faction. Both shows
are only $10 and are guaranteed to be a party. Tickets for both shows are
available at and any upcoming show will
be listed at , our Spotify page (please follow us!)
Thanks for reading friends and hope you enjoy the new record as much as we
enjoyed making it!

Press Releases

New Album "UNDERDOG" out March 29

Over the years, Tyler Gilbert has transformed his sound from a more folk based style to a hard rock sound. The Saskatchewan based rock group has always striven to be a voice for the overlooked, the ones who never quite fit in, the lone kid, the underdog. From his 2008 debut EP "Vos" to 5 albums later, none of his work has been more intentionally pointed at them more than his upcoming release "Underdog" due outMarch 29.
The album will be available across all major digital retail platforms. The album features 16 hard hitting tracks that range from hard rock to electro rock, and even an acoustic instrumental. The album aims at keeping rock alive with heavy riffs and squealing guitar solos that will have any rock/metal fan appreciate; soaring vocals with just the right amount of harmonies that are able to grab the attention of any mainstream music fan.
4 singles have already been released from the album beginning with “Need Love & Shelter” which introduced audiences to his new edgier sound.
 Followed by “Ghost Behind Your Mind” which pushed the new sound to a whole new heavier level, being compared to that of Alice in Chains, Black Label Society, Ozzy, Soundgarden and Alter Bridge. Released with a haunting video that continues their story of the Montana Kid; “Ghosts has been receiving a lot of airplay across 30+ stations across Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa and Australia. It reached #1 on the Fab chart in UK, spending 7 weeks on the charts, this also lead to being nominated for the Best Male Artist category on the Fab Chart Awards. The song is currently sitting in the #3 spot on KB Radio Top 25 chart, along with reaching #5 on Zootap Radio’s Top 10 Chart. The rock single also reached #8 on Monies New Music Chart and was featured on The Movie Jerks podcast as the Artist of the Month.
The last 2 singles gave listeners another glimpse into the new sound, this time with a mix of electronic beats and heavy rock driven guitar leads. The first of this style was a cinematic “Stand For You”, offering a nod to Bon Iver in the sense of creating a textural scene with ambient sounds and soft vocals.
“Across the Sea” was the final single to be released from the album upon its release. The single came out swinging blending the heavy rock sounds of “Ghosts” with the electronic elements of “Stand For You” to offer a style what some have described as Michael Jackson meets Zakk Wylde.
Tyler Gilbert backed by bassist Rob Dakiniewich and drummer Mark Ennis are scheduled to perform their CD release show live on March 22 at The Exchange in Regina, SK Canada. Fans will be able to purchase the physical album a week before its official release.

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