We are dedicated to providing you with info, links, and events happening with the Independent scene in your area
We are here to provide a "hub" for you. A place to find those amazing artists in your area. What they are about, where you can find their shows, and how you can interact with them. 

There are many internet radio stations airing the unsigned, independent bands. We are here to provide you with those stations as well as ways to purchase the music you enjoy from the many different genres.
We have plenty of resources and are willing to devote time to getting you heard.
We work with others with the same vision, passion and drive to build a solid scene for the Independent musician.
Our goal is to build a thriving scene and build fans for all.

Be Heard! Build Your Fan Base!

rbxradio  U.K based station

banksradioaustralia   Austrailia based station

katsmetallitterbox  Canadian Rock & Metal 

thenationrockradio  Mexico based 

mydaddyoradio All Independent Radio

neueregelradio  Neue Regel Radio

loonybin  Lunatic Fist/NRR

indiemusicmonday Indie Music Monday

trilakesradio    Colorado (U.S)

hiddengemsbroadcasting Eastern Canada based

CJSR 88.5 fm CJSR.com  Edmonton's Independent Radio

reveloutionXradio.ca  Canada Independent

These radio stations listed above are dedicated stations that include not just commercial music but have many shows devoted to Indie bands from all over the globe. 
These Dj's are known to go the distance in bringing in new material, featuring indie guests, showing up at shows and so much more.  
They really go all out for the artists we love from our local scenes. 
They are proud of what they do and we are honoured to have their support. 
​CONTACT them and get your music heard more.

Sound House Studio

Sessions on the River

What Soundhouse Studio IS
Pro gear. Pro plug-ins. Pro Virtual Instruments.
Everything to get the job done.
Studio soundroom area to fit: a band, a cafe/bar and baby grand, did we mention Hammond organ & Leslie cab?

Staff with plenty of X-factor - thats why Soundhouse is well over 25 years X-perienced
An ever growing family of clients/artists of all genres: singer/songwriters, bands, filmmakers, and corporate supporters
Professional recording studio offering HD Streaming, Live off the Floor tracking, Mixing and Mastering Audio Services.
We are an entertainment production company, specializing in the utilization and maximization of current entertainment business opportunities offered through the music industry, as well as within the middle marketplace of the music industry and public venue.