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The Jay Diem Band is back in Niagara!!! After a long awaited year, the multi award winning Jay Diem Band returns to Niagara to play such hits as "In Clouds", "Sail", and their newest release "Alright By Me(Fallen Soldiers)" which releases on all outlets March 1st!
Be sure to check out the Jay Diem Band on iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, local bar AMI Jukeboxes, as well as all other media outlets, and see you at the show!!!.

Battered Egos just finished recording their latest single "Daddy's Little Girl" at Sessions on the River. This single should be out and released in the next few weeks.

​Road Waves - Booked the studio at the end of November for our second album which will be entitled Red Sun Rising.
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Interview between biographer Amanda Tulk and David Hegarty:

Listening to your music I am curious to know who and or what inspires you?
Life inspires me, I’ve had quite an eventful life so I felt I had a lot of stories to tell, wh in my life or through the eyes of people close to me.ich I suppose is why I started writing songs. All my songs are true stories, all about things/people/times

When did you know music was it for You? Where were you in life when you decided this is what I want to Do?
I’ve always loved music from as far back as I can remember, I learnt to play the guitar when I was I’d say 13/14, played for a few years then gave it up for about 10 years. I wrote a few songs but never really even considered anybody would take them seriously or like them. My friend convinced me to play a gig at a charity event he had organised about 5 years ago and the songs went down quite well. That’s probably when I thought maybe it was something I could have a go at.

What is your process when it comes to writing/creating/releasing music?
I very rarely get a chance to sit down and write songs, I pretty much do it in my head throughout the day while I’m doing other stuff haha
What's coming up for you in the future?
We’ve just released our debut album so we are doing the official album launch party 27/01/18. We were hoping to get another video or 2 completed for songs from the album, then We are going to start recording for the 2nd album on 03/02/18, we’ve got gigs coming up too.

i nterviews by Amanda Tulk

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